Lots of cool Marvel stuff happening this month. Though not technically October, Luke Cage debuted this past Friday and had fans starting the month right with a Marvel binge. Following, that, of course, is New York Comic Con, which is set to kick off this Thursday. NYCC brings with it the possible debut of an actual Iron Fist trailer and more casting announcements for The Punisher, both of which are exciting enough. Following NYCC, however, is an event called “The International Release of Doctor Strange,” an event that takes place in the last week of October and one that would make any Marvel fan living in the US jealous of someone living – let’s say – in the Philippines. And in anticipation of the film’s October international release, Marvel has released a new TV spot highlighting Doctor Strange’s infamous Cloak of Levitation.

Described previously in the recent Doctor Strange set visit reports as “…. its own character, so you have to have something that feels like it has an amazing sense of history and antiquity and is a relic in itself,” the clip seems to confirm that the Cloak indeed has a sentience to it, somewhat similar to Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.

Doctor Strange is set to hit theaters domestically on November 4th and internationally on October 26th.

Source: YouTube.