Marvel trailers at the Super Bowl are turning into something of a tradition. This year followed suit, giving us a 30 second teaser that prompted the release of a new full length trailer for Marvel Studios’ ***Falcon and The Winter Soldier***.

Packed with block-buster grade action, this trailer is sure to build a great amount of hype. We get our first look at what we’re pretty sure is Madripoor, a fictional Asian island home to a lot of classic X-Men lore. We’re able to see Zemo back and in full comic-accurate garb. We also get a good grasp of what Marvel wants to present us as the plot of the series which is refreshing after Wandavision’s chaotically mysterious rollout. Zemo’s back with intentions to rid the world of superheroes which is pretty much where we left him at the end of Captain America: Civil War. At least he’s persistent, right? Flag-Smasher and John Walker seem to be a couple of new antagonists we’ll see challenge our heroes along the way but it’s safe to say there will be more to them than meets the eye. Sharon threatening both Bucky and Sam is a very interesting development for the character.

Falcon and The Winter Soldier is scheduled to premiere March 19th on Disney+ and is guaranteed to be groundbreaking, as one of the Phase 4 pioneers. Expect plenty of familiar faces as well as surprising new characters and locations from Marvels catalog.