Disney+ has been a hit after its first 2 months streaming in just a handful of countries, with a larger worldwide release coming in the spring, and all of the Marvel fans are starting to gear up for the MCU’s debut on the streaming service this coming fall. Over the past couple of weeks, the first looks at Marvel Studios’ debut Disney+ miniseries, The Falcon and The Winter Solider, have started to pop up online, with some great shots of the heroes and villains we’ve seen from previous MCU movies. Today, thanks to a new report from PageSix, the first look at a brand new character arrived: John Walker/U.S. Agent, played by Wyatt Russell!

So this looks pretty good! We see Wyatt Russell both in a classic US military dress uniform and an arm sling, along with him fully suited up as U.S. Agent seemingly carrying THE classic vibranium shield on his arm. It’ll be interesting to see whether that is the actual shield owned by Steve Rogers or a carbon copy created by the government. There’s also a curious contrast with the way he looks outside and inside in the suit. One is gaunt, frail, and obviously injured while the other is upright and peak physical form.

First introduced in the comics as a sort of villain/anti-hero back in 1986, Walker ends up replacing Captain America as a new government-sanctioned superhero. With Chris Evans’ well-deserved sendoff after Avengers: Endgame, it seems possible that Marvel could be going the same route for the new mini-series, potentially having Walker as a sort of friend-turned-adversary or vice versa for Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson after Steve Rogers bestowed upon him the Captain America shield and title.

Source: Page Six