We’re exactly one month away from the release of Captain America: Civil War, and for the most part, Marvel has done a rather great job at keeping the movie a bit of a mystery for fans. We’ve seen a few trailers now – one of which even brought us our first look at Spider-Man – and we’ve see a couple of TV spots, but they’ve generally made sure to avoid releasing too much footage. That looks to be changing, however, as we near the release of the film.

A new featurette released by Jo Blo Movie Trailers shows the film’s two stars, Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr., talking about the upcoming film, along with some clips. Evans even goes on to point out the reason that people enjoy the Captain America movies so much.

The Russos, you know, they make make human stories, with a superhuman feel, rather than superhero stories with, you know, human touches.

The Russos add that they needed to go in a radical direction for the new Captain America film. Explaining that the “wanted everybody to be both protagonists and antagonists.” This is a point that Evans added to, explaining that the nature of the relationship between Steve and Tony adds to the film.

It’s not villains verses heroes, it’s friends, it’s family. That’s what makes it such good conflict.

You can watch the full featurette above.

Whereas, in an interview with ABC, the cast of Civil War talked about the film in more detail, sticking to the theme of everybody being good and bad. Downey Jr. talks about his emotional investment in the story.

I really do have a strangely serious investment in these films…. It’s not going to be entirely predictable, characters are going to make choices that surprise you.

As for who is the good guy, or who is the bad guy, Scarlet Johansson went on to say it in the most simple terms: essentially none of them.

I think that we are all good and bad in this film.

Chadwick Boseman, who dares people to call him “Chad” and will be making his debut as the Black Panther, said that he is on his own side.

While scenes were filmed in the hot Atlanta heat, the actors had cooling systems built into their costumes. Anthony Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson, says that the heat was no big deal for him. His father was a roofer, so a few running scenes in the heat was easy in comparison.

With all of this excitement about Captain America: Civil War, what are you doing while we wait for the premiere on May 6th?

Sources: YouTube and ABC