Forgive me if I over-use the phrase “Sweet Christmas” over the next few weeks, but with the premiere of Luke Cage so close, everything about this show makes me want to say that classic phrase of the unbreakable hero who’s world we are about to be introduced to in just a mere ten days. A new featurette released this morning about the upcoming series is no different.

The video, shown above, takes us further into Luke Cage than we have been taken so far. The cast, along with showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker, explains how the Luke Cage of today is just wanting to lay low following all of the excitement from Jessica Jones.

One exciting bit from the featurette is a small scene in which Mike Colter‘s Luke Cage is shown having a conversation with Rosario Dawson‘s Claire Temple, who we all know and love from the previous Marvel Netflix shows. To which Claire responds by telling Luke that he’s not a freak, “No, you’re amazing.”

Of all the details in this featurette, what has you the most excited? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, Luke Cage will premiere, in its entirety, next Friday on Netflix.

Need to get ready for the series? Check out our latest supercut below!

Source: YouTube!