This morning Marvel announced a second season of Luke Cage. But before we will get that series we will see the man with unbreakable skin again in The Defenders, the major team up series towards which all the Netflix series have been driving. That series is currently in production in New York City, and a new set of photos has hit the internet via reddit. Reddit user IHeartJames posted them, claiming to get them off the comment section of an old Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice article on

The photos don’t show too much. Finn Jones‘ Danny Rand and Jessica Henwick‘s Colleen Wing are walking around the city at night time. They appear to be sneaking around to make sure they are not seen. Set photos like this are a bit hard to interpret because Iron Fist has not yet debuted. As such, viewers haven’t seen either character or seen how their relationship develops. So all this tells fans is that both survived the events of Iron Fist, which was already obvious from the casting news surrounding the follow-up show.

It is cool to see Rand wearing a green button down shirt. As of yet, we don’t really know what the plans are for Iron Fist’s costume. The traditional look in the comics is a bit flamboyant for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. At the same time, fans will want to see something remotely faithful to the comic books. Luke Cage balanced those concerns well, by putting Mike Colter into a lot of sweatshirts with mustard accents to call back to his traditional outfit. Jessica Jones also did a comic accurate suit, but only in jest. Using a core color for a character (Daredevil’s Red, Cage’s Yellow, Iron Fist’s Green) makes a lot of sense as a strategy.

The Defenders is due sometime next year, hopefully during the Summer season. It will be one of three shows, along with Iron Fist and The Punisher, which are definitely coming to Netflix in 2017.

Source: Reddit