The good folks over at the Ant-Man & the Wasp set may be busy keeping story details under wrap but that isn’t stopping fans nearby the set from snapping scenes of their own. In the beautiful city of San Francisco where the film is set, a key sequence was being shot in the neighborhood of Nob Hill. The sequence at hand, a car flipping over the side of the street. The kind of exciting stuff that fans go crazy over. Sort of.

So what we have is a scene where a van flips over for a yet to be revealed reason – that’s how movie magic works early in the process – though we have an idea why. Late last month, I was one of the lucky viewers who got to witness a screening of an Ant-Man & the Wasp sizzle reel at our local convention. One of the pre-visualized scenes (a term used to describe unpolished CGI sequences) that were included in that reel was a scene where Giant-Man kicks a moving car off the curb. Another scene that was shown was a van being toppled over after an ant-sized van goes enlarges underneath it. This could very well be one of those sequences (I’m betting it’s the one where Scott kicks the car).

What do you think of this possible scene where Giant-Man kicks a car in broad daylight? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Youtube

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