Just a couple of days ago, a new 2 minute and 20-second trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was classified. Once a trailer is classified, it can be only a matter of a week or less before it premiers. It seems that is the case here as Chris Pratt is expected to drive up the ratings for Jimmy Kimmel Live by dropping by with another look at the upcoming Marvel Studios release.

According to a weekly schedule scoop by Broadway World, Pratt is on tap for Tuesday night’s show:


This trailer should be quite a bit different from the last two that we’ve seen. It’s not too rare for a 2nd trailer from Marvel to actually contain quite a bit of footage from the third act of the film but cut in such a way that we could easily miss it. Take a peek at the May 2014 trailer for the original Guardians of the Galaxy as an example:

We at the MCU Exchange would love to finally get a glimpse of Kurt Russel as Ego and that shot of Sylvester Stallone that had everyone talking at SDCC as we are VERY interested in just who he might be playing. Fortunately, Marvel Studios typically either runs the trailer out earlier in the day or at least right about the same time as it appears on Kimmel, so you won’t have to suffer Kimmel’s buffoonery unless you choose it! Let us know what you’re hoping for in this trailer in the comments!!

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