In the most recent issue of Empire‘s coverage of Iron Fist, a brand new image (below) shows Danny Rand in action, engaged in combat with a knife-wielding assailant.


However, the new image isn’t nearly the most exciting thing about Empire‘s coverage. Danny Rand himself, Finn Jones, discussed the action we can expect to see from the series, and in doing so confirmed that a key element of Iron Fist’s backstory has been preserved. In the comics, Danny Rand becomes the Iron Fist after defeating the immortal dragon Shou-Lao. It’s during their battle that Danny receives his iconic dragon-shaped brand on his chest. However, many fans were concerned that Danny’s origin story would be modified for the TV show given the difficulties of creating a dragon on a Netflix budget. Fortunately, according to Finn Jones, it looks like we can expect to see Shou-Lao appear after all:

Danny has to deal with society’s reaction…He comes back and says: ‘Hey, guess what? I’ve been in this place called K’un Lun for years, I’ve got this thing called the Iron Fist and I met a dragon!’ And everybody’s like, ‘What the fuck are you talking about? You’re insane.’

The dragon to which Jones refers can only be Shou-Lao, so we can surely expect to see him. The title of episode six of the series, Immortal Emerges from Cave, seems to indicate that’s when we’ll be getting the “origin story” episode that usually appears about halfway through the season in a Marvel Netflix show (see Stick from the first season of Daredevil, AKA The Sandwich Saved Me from Jessica Jones, and Step in the Arena from Luke Cage). So look for the middle of the season to include an epic showdown with a dragon!

Jones also discussed the fighting styles of Iron Fist, as well as the dangers of fighting on set:

It’s about choreography, because really you’re doing a dance. You’re learning the steps and working with your partner. When you’re in the midst of fights your adrenaline’s so pumped you don’t think about what you’re doing to your body until you wake up the next day and think, ‘Fucking hell!’” says Jones, who pulled a muscle in his groin by kicking too hard. “It comes with the territory. If you’re doing two or three fights per week for six months you’re going to get some injuries.”

The first season of Iron Fist arrives on Netflix March 17.

The article where this first appeared is only a preview of the full, six-page coverage of Iron Fist in Empire, which is on sale now.