One of the pairings fans have been looking forward to in Marvel’s The Defenders is the inevitably volatile friendship of the foul-mouthed Jessica Jones and the Catholic conservative Matt Murdock. Over the past two years, both of each show’s Twitter accounts have been at it with each other, dishing out insults and throwing out quips, much to the enjoyment of the Marvel/Netflix fans spectating. And if you are one of those fans who love seeing superheroes bicker with each other, you’re going to love these new images from the set of The Defenders featuring the aforementioned heroes, courtesy of Getty Images.

We can’t post the images without getting sued so we’ll link it right here.

While there isn’t anything inherently revealing about the images, other than the fact that part of the story takes place during winter, it’s just a fun exciting look at how this show is shaping up to be. Seeing Charlie Cox and Krysten Ritter mess with each other as they normally do on the set just shows how comfortable they are playing these broken, troubled heroes and how much they enjoy it. It also helps that these images are very reminiscent of this particular panel from Alias:


If I had to add my own speculation, I’d say this is a scene set near the end of the show similar to the epilogue of Daredevil Season 2. None of the previous set photos indicate that it’s set in winter other than this so there’s that. I could see this scene taking place months after their conflict with the Hand has ended; Jessica and Matt are reflecting on the things that have transpired and they’ve finally become good friends. I could be way wrong on this though as this scene could be very well set in the middle of the series. Who knows?

The Defenders is set to come out sometime in the summer of 2017!

Source: Getty Images