This article needs to start with a SPOLIER warning. What follows is based on speculation and paparazzi style photos, but the likelihood is that a major plot point has been spoiled. So if you want to know nothing about the plot of Inhumans, avoid what follows.

A set of photos has come out from the Twitter of Reel New Hawaii, sharing some photos from a user named @hawaii_isla808. The feature Serinda Swan, playing Medusa, walking around with her red locks obviously shaved down very short. Check out the tweets below.

Now the obvious place most commentators will jump to is that at some point Medusa has her hair shaved off during the show. This is a major plot point in the Jenkins/Lee run of “Inhumans” back in the late 90’s. Maximus is the one responsible and the action is a visceral one to viewers. The intimacy of it and the sense of violation is jolting. It’s his way of showing dominance and power. Such a plot twist in the TV series makes a lot of sense and could be an emotional high point of the series. If this plot, like the recently revealed logo, is a sign that the creators are leaning heavily into the Jenkins/Lee run this is only good news, as most consider it the greatest Inhumans story of all time.

Now a word of caution, it isn’t certain that this is the situation. Medusa’s hair will almost certainly be done with significant VFX. There is a possibility that the shaved hair is to help in that process. But earlier photos of Medusa featured her with hair, so it seems unlikely this is a general strategy.

One more (cynical) thought on this development. Medusa losing her hair is a major plot point of a major Inhumans story. But it also is super convenient for the show’s budget. Many have wondered how the show will manage to give viewers Medusa’s hair, the fish-man Triton, the gigantic Lockjaw, and Gorgon’s hooves on a TV budget. Well, taking the hair out of the picture for some of the episodes is an easy way to ease the budget concerns!

Inhumans will release on IMAX screens on September 1st, and then comes to ABC television a couple of weeks later.

Source: Twitter