Over the past few weeks, we’ve been seeing an increasing number of the Inhumans cast from the Hawaii set. It began with those images of Iwan Rheon hanging out in the set, followed by those Black Bolt and Lockjaw set photos and the other day, we got a blurry-yet-first look at Isabelle Cornish‘s role as Crystal. Now you can add Medusa (Serinda Swan) and Karnak (Ken Leung) to that list as our friend Reel News Hawaii just released photos featuring the Inhuman queen and royal advisor alongside Black Bolt, the Royal Guard Captain Auran, Maximus, and what seem to be Alpha Primitives.

As you can see, the Royal squad is taking a stroll in the courtyards of their palace (?) as their people bask in their regalness. The pictures were taken from a distance so we can’t see the specifics of the set but we do get a clear look at Medusa’s iconic red hair and purple garb look. And if you look closer, you’ll that Black Bolt is wearing some kind of head gear, masking Anson Mount‘s thick head of brown hair. And if you look even closer at the end of the line, you’ll see Karnak parading his recent but signature green hoodie. It’s hard to pinpoint where Maximus is in some of the images but according to Reel News Hawaii, he’s somewhere in the crowd pacing alongside the family.


On a sidenote: I’m super interested in knowing what that altar/fountain in the middle is supposed to be in the show. Terrigen Fountain? A holy altar of their ancestors?

Source: Reel News Hawaii