September 7th is not far away so Netflix is building up more hype for the show. We just recently got our best look at Typhoid Mary. A few hints were dropped that Blindspot might be joining the Netflix corner of the MCU. It becomes even more evident that Marvel TV is putting a lot of effort into redeeming Iron Fist. It was quite a controversial show when it was first released. One of the heaviest criticised aspects was the show’s general usage of action. The character is well-known for his martial arts skills but the action sequences were rather lackluster. The show seemed to rush with many sequences hastily cut together. The second season seems to be bringing us a major change as they put a lot of effort into ensuring that the action finally meets viewer’s expectations. To ensure this, they hired stunt coordinator Clayton Barber. He was the mastermind behind the action sequences in Marvel Studios’ very own Black Panther and Ryan Cooglers‘s second film, Creed.

Shortly after releasing this video they also gave us a closer look at what was happening behind-the-scenes to highlight the series’ new tone. We get a good look at the K’un-L’un fight sequence between Danny and Davos, as well as teasing a fight with Typhoid Mary. They really have upped their game this time around and it hopefully can give the show a future to further develop these fight sequences.

These videos have me quite excited about the show’s second season. There is a strong sense of redemption going on and Danny’s cameo in Luke Cage‘s second season gave him a more positive buzz. The shorter episode count can help the franchise’s overall pace to ensure that every fight sequence sticks with the viewer more. They truly are trying to make this season stick out in comparison to the first. The new neon logo or even the updated design of Iron Fist‘s branding in the videos highlight these changes. At this point, they might even redesign the intro to the show. It will be interesting to see if it paid off once the latest season releases on Netflix.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you excited for the second season?

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