New York Comic-Con appears to be all about Iron Fist this year. After picking up the beautiful comic book that they were offering at the Marvel booth this morning, I thought I had been treated to enough. But in a thread where the comic book cover was shared, another fan showed that Marvel is offering even more to the fans at the con this year.

Update – an even better quality photo has popped up.

The style of this poster is very similar to the Luke Cage image recently seen on the variant for the new Cage comic, which is no surprise considering Joe Quesada did the artwork. In addition, this evening, Marvel released a new moving poster that has several similar images, which makes us think that there may be more Iron Fist posters coming to NYCC over the next few days!

Have you seen any more Iron Fist swag at the con? Let us know in the comments, share your pictures, and let me know where I can find it for myself!