The Iron Fist Season 2 panel last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con wowed fans when they unveiled a look at the iconic yellow mask. A photo of it leaked along with a description of a ceremonial fight between Danny Rand and Davos that included the mask. Now, we finally have a good glimpse at that fight scene as well as the iconic Iron Fist mask, as seen in a new promo teaser for the show. Check it out below!

On top of that mask, we get a good look at some decent – and proper – set design for the show. The ceremonial palace the two seem to be brawling in looks real good. It’s the kind of exciting production-design these grounded street-based superhero shows sorely need. We also get a glimpse at a hooded figure spectating the scene which could be either Yu-Ti himself or as our friend from Marvel News Desk Adam points out, The Prince of Orphans. We don’t really get to see just how good of a fight scene this scene is but according to those at San Diego Comic-Con and the Asia Pop Comic-Con (where they screened the very first episode of the show), the fight scenes are on another level compared to the first season. We’re liking everything so far!

Source: Youtube