The film side of the MCU may have been absent this year at San Diego Comic-Con but the TV side did more than compensate for that absence, in particular,Iron Fist Season 2. The cast made a splash when they revealed a slew of new information on the season, including the addition of a new villain, Typhoid Mary. Netflix has now released the second season’s first batch of images and they give a first look at the new villain played by Alice Eve and the alliances that will be formed. Check it out!

So we have Typhoid Mary threatening Davos with knives (though I smell an inevitable team-up by these two antagonists), the Daughters of the Dragon working together once more, and Danny face off a bunch of thugs with a makeshift vigilante outfit. We also have a first look at returning character Joy Meachum as she allies herself with Davos and a mysterious character named Mika Prada. Based on her fancy outfit, the need for gloves, and displays behind them, I reckon she some sort of an artifact collector. What she has in the box is a mystery and the image certainly hints at the content’s ominous nature. Could the box contain the damned soul of Scott Buck, waiting to be unleashed to the world once more?

Source: Netflix via Coming Soon