As Marvel fans gear up for the launch of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 on September 20th, and Luke Cage just ten days later, the Netflix arm of Marvel Studios continues to toil away at Iron Fist. The fourth series, and final one before The Defenders, will launch sometime in 2017, likely in the first half of the year.

Today we got a few more set photos, and they don’t make it seem as though things are going that well for Danny Rand (Finn Jones). Photos show him sporting a bloody wound near his right hip. With the little footage and photos we have gotten so far, the story seems to put Danny through the ringer. We’ve seen a plane crash, a disheveled and shoeless appearance, and some sort of hospitalization or imprisonment. It all seems a far cry from the usually wealthy business man of the comics. Most likely this season will be about Rand’s attempts to regain his business empire and adjust to life in New York City once again.

Tonally, the jump from Luke Cage to Iron Fist should be interesting. These photos show Rand doing the one thing that Cage does not do, bleed. After a season of a hero who is nearly impervious to physical danger in Luke Cage, Iron Fist will introduce a protagonist more akin to the style and drama of Daredevil. How Marvel and Netflix tie together the four Netflix properties leading up to the Defenders should be a lot of fun to watch.