As the arrival of The Defenders on Netflix draws ever closer we’re getting more and more images of the major players on that team, specifically those in the still-in-production first season of Iron Fist.

Over the weekend a host of new pics showed up online primarily focusing on Finn Jones’s Danny Rand and Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing who are at times exchanging smiles, or meaningful looks, or violent blade thrusts in what appears to be a heated battle.

This being a comic-inspired show, it’s likely there is a mistaken identity issue when the two first meet which results in the battle, followed by a teaming up once the misunderstanding has been cleared. Important to the forming of any superhero partnership, certainly, but equally important to a viewing audience unfamiliar with the live-action version of Iron Fist and Colleen Wing to size up the comparative skills and level of badassed-ness of each character being introduced.

Have we seen the setup before? Yes.

Are we really looking forward to this one? YES…yes we are. (I know it’s not just me.)

While there is still a wait for Iron Fist to show up on Netflix sometime in 2017 there is solace in knowing that the wait is nearly over for the third series setting up The Defenders with Luke Cage episodes slated for release in just 11 days! And does anyone suspect a Danny appearance in his old friend’s series? Feel free to theorize below.