With less than a month until the premier of Iron Fist (Three weeks, two days, and some hours, but who’s counting?) it is time to get to know Danny Rand (Finn Jones). Last week, Netflix introduced us to Danny Rand in their featurette for the Final Defender. Tonight, we learn a little bit more about where he’s been and what he will be up against in his stand-alone series.

In the recently released video (above) Jones reveals that Danny has been away for fifteen years, departing from the comics, where the portal to K’un Lun only opens every ten years. This means that Danny is older than we may have assumed, before. At around ten years old when his family’s plan crashed, this makes him twenty-five (a more appropriate age for vigilantism).

The narrator in the video, instructing Danny to “Cast away your childish dreams,” is a not yet identified character, most likely speaking to him in K’un Lun. We also see Joy and Ward Meachum, who welcome their childhood friend with not-so-open arms.

The video goes on to show some of the fighting skills on display by Danny Rand in the show, a detail that some fans felt was missing from the trailer that was previously released. This new video also gives us a hint at the early relationship between Jessica Henwick‘s Colleen Wing and Rand, who is struggling to explain K’un Lun. He also explains the “Tattoo” as the “Mark of the Iron Fist,” yet we will still have to wait to learn if it was recieved by punching a dragon.

The villain of the show was hinted, as Jones explains that there is a “Mythological dark force in the world” of which Rand has always heard, but didn’t entirely believe. In talking about this dark force, we see the mysterious Madam Gao (Wai Ching Ho), from Daredevil, while Harold Meachum (David Wenham) explains that darkness has infested Rand Enterprises.

This video lays the groundwork for a show with many twists and turns, while we try to figure out who the true dark forces are in Danny Rand’s world. We’ll see all those twists when the fill series premiers on March 17, at midnight Pacific time, on Netflix. Until then, who do you think will be the true bad guys of this series? Let me know in the comments!

Source: Netflix