Most fans of the MCU know that, currently, the TV side of the universe is experiencing unprecedented growth.  From meager begins with one ABC show, Marvel TV now has a handful of Netflix shows, two ABC shows, two Freeform shows, and a show on Hulu.  The ABC stable is about to get larger, however, as ABC is working away on a new show focused on a female audience.  Here is what Karim Zreik had to say to Deadline about the project.

Marvel Television SVP of Original Programming, Karim Zreik, told the Edinburgh International Television Festival today that the company “for sure” is looking at “more female-skewed shows” and has something in development with ABC right now. While he didn’t divulge much more, he offered that it’s a “Jessica Jones-esque” project.

He went further to say that part of what ABC looks to do with their shows is to “target everyone and bring in new fans.”  This may be one of the reasons that at time ABC has made decisions that annoyed comic fans but seem to be targeted at a more general audience.  The move in this direction makes a lot of sense for ABC, which has a strong pull on female viewers already, particularly with their Thursday “Shondaland” line up of shows.  At times it appears they’ve used the Marvel properties as a way to improve with male viewership.

What could this project be?  One of the first obvious assumptions by many will be that this is one and the same with the John Ridley project.  That project has been surrounded by Ms. Marvel rumors for a long time.  Ms. Marvel has never shied away from themes about representation and minority voices in her comics.  ABC could make a lot of waves if they introduced the first Muslim American superhero headliner to TV.

Another common idea or rumored project for ABC has been She-Hulk.  Many feel that her comedy, fourth-wall breaking, and law career would be well suited for a humorous legal procedural, with a dash of super hero action.  In many ways, this might be a better fit with the Jessica Jones connection.  While Ms. Marvel tends towards a less cynical, younger-skewed demographic, She-Hulk might be a  better fit to scratch the sarcastic itch that Jones is so good at satisfying.

Whatever the project is, it is good to hear of more coming to ABC.  While there have been a lot of ups and downs in Marvel’s work on the alphabet network, there have also been some moments of brilliance.  Many fans still miss Agent Carter and her approach to a female protagonist.  If this new show can live up to that legacy or that of Jones than fans are in for a real treat.

What do you think?  What would you like to see ABC develop along these lines?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Deadline