Much like how they went about releasing the last teaser, Marvel and Netflix released a brand new teaser on Twitter without any sort of notice. In the first teaser, we saw Jessica smashing her alarm clock as it went off in the afternoon. And while it was short, it did a fantastic job at capturing Jessica’s character and her strength. Yet, it doesn’t do so nearly as well as this new teaser.

One of the greatest things about Jessica Jones is that she’s a fighter that honestly doesn’t care much about what people think of her. So seeing her walking among a bunch of people she’s knocked out with “Bad Reputation” playing in the background? It’s a pretty great sense of who she is and what we can expect when the series hits Netflix in November.

Jessica Jones hits Netflix on November 20th. If you’re not familiar with the character, or you just need to catch-up with any news, feel free to follow along here.

Source: Netflix on Twitter.