The next Marvel Television venture on ABC will be Inhumans, the ground-breaking combination of Imax and Television that will bring the royal Inhuman family to life. The series is currently filming in Hawaii, giving us a tiny glimpse of what Black Bolt, Lockjaw, Medusa, Crystal, Karnak, Maximus, and the world in which they will be living will look when they take the screen. The show’s logo is now posted on the Facebook page.


This logo isn’t very different from the comics or the logo Kevin Feige unveiled 3 years ago. It’s got a lot more zazz and flair this time around. We’re excited about seeing how this logo could play out in a potential opening title sequence for the film/series. Say what you want about Iron Fist but that show had a super cool title sequence and theme song. We’re hoping Inhumans gets the same treatment.

Does this give you faith that the characterization will also stay close to the source material? Marvel’s Inhumans will premiere in Imax Theaters on September 1, 2017, and the series will be shown on ABC this fall. In the meantime, let us know how excited you are getting, in the comments!

Source: Facebook