Marketing for Daredevil Season 2 has been picking up pace over the past few days, with the premiere of the first official trailer last week that was followed by a series of promotional stills and videos. On top of that, we have another trailer to look forward to later this week, not to mention a chunk of information and stills from the second season courtesy of the latest issue of Empire magazine – some of which we have right here.

While we don’t have the full details on what was discussed in the magazine, we do have an elaborate scene description involving Daredevil himself and the Punisher.

The actor playing Man Justifiably Terrified By The Punisher wrenches open the door and limps through the cabin into his chambers. After a beat, Bernthal – assault rifle in the ready position – follows. Gunfire is exchanged, and the scene ends with The Punisher standing over the man as he begs for his life. Bernthal takes out a handgun anf puts it in the man’s mouth. Lost in character, Bernthal calls the man a “cocksucker.”

And then, just as Frank is about to Castle the poor chap, in barges Charlie Cox as that do-gooding Daredevil. “GET OUTTA HERE RED!” yells Bernthal, a line which tells us that, though their methods are different, The Punisher and Daredevil have formed an alliance of sorts. What happens next – Castle leaping up and pushing Daredevil out of the room – tells us that alliance is fairly brittle.

It’s safe assume based on the description that this rendezvous between Daredevil and Punisher takes place later on in the series; Punisher refers to Daredevil as Red as if it’s a term of hateful endearment. Perhaps the part of the series where their inevitable alliance goes wrong?

Daredevil season two will hit Netflix on March 18th, 2016! Until then, you can binge watch the first season, as well as the first season of the equally excellent Jessica Jones, on the streaming service now!

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Source: Comic Book Movie.