Spidey fans, rejoice! We’ve got a new look at the previously leaked black and gold suit from the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home. This time, in the form of a high-quality 1/16th scale Hot Toys collectible. Once again, merch has beaten Sony to the punch in revealing anything official from the film. Anyway, check it out!

This collectible gives us much more detail on the suit than the prior Lego leaks and sparks some ideas as to what kind of weight it will hold in the film. Upon close inspection, we can see traces of circuit board running in between the web inlays. Possibly confirming this to be Peters’s most hi-tech suit to date. It also gives reaffirmation that there’s a sort of magical element to the suit as well, likely influenced by Doctor Strange. The webs coming from the model even seem to be a method of sorcery instead of traditional webbing and they look to come from a gauntlet that seems very much like something we’d expect to find in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Perhaps this suit will help in Peters’s inevitable battle against the multiverse with Strange by his side.