With the July 7th release date for the highly anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming drawing closer and closer, the marketing campaign for the film has started to kick it into high gear. For most of the year, the marketing focus has been understandably devoted to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but with Marvel’s plate being as full as it is this year, the marketing for the two films has overlapped somewhat. However, now that Guardians is on its third weekend in theaters, Spidey is starting to take the limelight as far as marketing is concerned, especially with toys. If you’ve been to the toy aisles of your local stores, I’m sure you’ve seen the shelves chock-full of all kinds of Spider-Man merchandise. From action figures, to Pop! vinyls, to even web shooters and masks, merch for the film is everywhere. Here at MCU Exchange, several of our staff writers are avid action figure collectors, and seeing new waves of Marvel Legends figures for the film is always a plus. However, if you’re not into collecting, this merch may not seem that interesting to you. Unless of course, it gives us a glimpse of some new characters for the film. Way back in February, a very low-quality image was leaked from the New York Toy Fair that gave us our first official look at Shocker in Homecoming.


While it wasn’t much, it was the best official look we had gotten of the character in the film. Even then, we knew that this was most likely taken off of some box art for an action figure playset, but it was enough to give us a very grainy look at the villain. Also, I feel the need to mention that we are well aware that due to the nature of action figure lines based on movies, costumes are rarely ever recreated 100% screen accurately. However, the image is definitely a good indicator of the kind of interpretation of the Shocker that we can expect to see in the film come July. Now, thanks to a Reddit user, we have a much higher-quality version of the same image, you can check it out below:

Turns out that this image comes from the box for the Vulture Attack Playset, but the Shocker figure isn’t included, so this is still our only point of reference so far. Either way, it’s definitely a clearer image, and remains our best look at the character design for the film thus far. The most notable thing that we didn’t necessarily get a good look at from the last image was the gauntlets. Early last month, we learned that the Tinkerer would salvage junk from around the MCU  in order to weaponize it and distribute it to the other members of Toomes’ crew. Most notably, we know that he has salvaged Crossbones’ gauntlets, seen briefly in the opening scene in Captain America: Civil War, and outfitted them with some sort of vibro-shock technologies. After looking at this image again, it’s definitely clear that these gauntlets did come from Crossbones, which is yet another tie-in to further cement the idea that this version of the web slinger is definitely rooted in the world of the MCU.

As for which version of the Shocker this is is still unclear. Several weeks ago, we ran a story that revealed the role of Logan Marshall Green‘s character as Jackson Brice, a character in the comics who also happened to don the Shocker costume in one of his various incarnations. With Hermann Schultz having a part in the film and Jackson Brice around, this Shocker could very well be any of those two.

Additionally, the marketing campaign is starting to ramp up in theaters across the country as well. Tom Holland recently took to Instagram to share a new standee for the film with us that will be displayed in many theaters nationwide:

What are your thoughts on the character design for the Shocker? Do you think incorporating Crossbones’ gauntlets was a nice design touch? Sound off in the comments below!

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