It’s been over three weeks since Captain America: Civil War was released worldwide and based on how the box office has been, basically everyone has seen the movie at least once by now. With 12 super powered people appearing throughout, they all collided in the “splash page” airport fight. Ten of these people were characters we have met prior to Phase 3, but two of them were making their debuts in this film. Spider-Man and Black Panther have been fan favorites and scene stealers in the film, with a lot of us looking forward to seeing each of them again in their solo films.

The looks of both of these characters were nailed, and is a big reason why they were accepted so quickly. The Daily Superhero have published some photos from a recently released book, “Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War: The Art of of the Movie,” featuring the two new characters and some alternate designs for other characters as well. The concept art is in the gallery at the top of the article, and while some of it went unused, it is interesting to see the different directions Marvel was thinking about going in.

The coolest piece of concept art for me is the Crossbones bomb moment simply because Cap is no where in sight in this iteration of when the bomb goes off. Hawkeye’s designs are interesting, and I could not imagine Jeremy Renner being okay with his face being completely covered for 50% of his scenes with that ski mask. The hoodie design on the other hand, that one I could get behind, especially if it was used in say, a Netflix series. If you want to see more of concept art, click on the source links at the bottom or go buy the book yourself. Let us know what you think of the concept art in the comments below!

Captain America: Civil War is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

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