Disney’s new approach to establishing their own streaming service has raised some eyebrows. It opened up many questions about the future for their approach to the Marvel-Netflix deal, as it puts the various The Defenders shows future on the line.  The already confirmed seasons are still being produced, but it is unsure what will happen after they have aired. We do know that they are also trying to find a new home for New Warriors after pulling it from Freeform, but they are unsure if they will promote it on the new streaming platform. Now, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that the new platform will get at least one brand new series.

With the platform launching in 2019, there is a high chance that the show could enter production next year. It also does not confirm if this will be a live-action project or even be part of the MCU. Another tweet by Ben Fritz does point to it being described as a “family streaming service”, which could point to the Netflix show’s remaining on that platform given their darker and more adult themes. There were rumors of Marvel Studios working on a Power Pack film, but given the younger, more family-oriented, demographic they may pull an Inhumans and turn the IP into a TV series. Maybe the project by John Ridley may become part of the network, as we still have not heard much about it for quite some time. Maybe it’s Kamala Khan they put in the service.

There is a lot of potential and problems that come with the streaming service, especially when it comes to Marvel’s scattered IPs across various platforms. The 2019 release is quite a bit away, so we will have to see how it all comes together, as Disney is also planning on purchasing 20th Century Fox.

What show do you think would be perfect for a Disney streaming service?

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