As excited as the Marvel fans are to finally have more of our favorite characters coming home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Disney/Fox merger was always bound to have some complications along the way. Although multiple projects were still on Fox’s release schedule during the merger, nearly all of them have been cancelled, or at least postponed, as Kevin Feige and the team at Marvel work on just how to incorporate them into the newly-acquired characters into the MCU. For some projects this wasn’t an issue with how early in production they were, but after the critical and financial disappointment of  X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Fox’s upcoming The New Mutants release has encountered one setback after another.

A new exclusive from FandomWire reveals that Disney is reportedly attempting to edit director Josh Boone’s film to make sure it has no ties to Bryan Singer’s Fox-produced X-men saga. Although Disney was reportedly “unimpressed” with the film’s original cut, recent test screenings have been more positive. Kevin Feige is hoping to keep his options open on potentially releasing New Mutants as part of the MCU, although it has been a long and difficult road with the sheer magnitude of Fox and Disney joining forces. The film was originally scheduled for a release in April 2018 and is now planning for its premiere to come in April of 2020. Even though it will be a huge wait-and-see situation, Marvel fans are still optimistic and excited for the X-men’s impending introduction into the MCU!