Spoiler Warning: If you’re hoping to avoid spoilers for the second season of Daredevil, I’d suggest you stop reading this post now as the costumes for the three main characters will be spoiled below.

A couple of weeks ago, a few images hit showcasing what looked to be the season two costumes for Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Elektra (Elodie Yung), and the Punisher (Jon Bernthal). For fans that had hoped to see Bernthal sport the Punisher’s famous skull logo at some point during the series, it was hard not to get excited over the leaked images, as it seemed to showcase just that. Still, unable to track down the original source, it was hard to be sure that those photos were official looks at the costumes.

Well, now thanks to a few billboards featured in Toronto, we have a better look at not just the Punisher’s costume – with the ever famous skull present – but also a look at what appears to be an entirely new costume for Elektra!

What do you think of the costumes? Do you like them? Sound off in the comments below!

Daredevil season two will hit Netflix on March 18th, 2016. Until then, you can re-watch the first season, as well as the equally excellent first season of Jessica Jones.

Source: Imgur via @ManWithoutFear on Twitter.