Marvel is on it’s way to giving us the fourth Netflix Series, Iron Fist, which will star Finn Jones as Danny Rand and is currently filming in New York City. Two weeks ago we brought you early pictures of Jones, who was spotted filming with cast-mate Jessica Stroup (Joy Meachum), as they officially kicked off production. In those photos, it looked like Danny was a bit frazzled around the edges as he seemed to try and get Joy to remember who he was after his sudden – and unexpected – return to New York.

Now, Coming Soon has released more pictures (above) from last Friday where it appears that Danny hasn’t gotten any new clothes (or a razor), but may be gearing up for a fight. The behind-the-scenes shots show Jones working with stunt coordinator Brett Chan on set. As with all Marvel shows, they are surely putting together something that will look awesome when it finally makes it to the screen, even if the current set photos may prove to be a bit odd as of right now. Finn has said that his preparation for the role has included intense martial arts training, including Kung-fu, Wushu, and Tai-Chi, which will be brought to life with Chan’s guidance.

There is currently no premiere date set for Iron Fist, although with Luke Cage set for release on September 30th, it’s more than likely Iron Fist won’t debut until 2017.

Source: Coming Soon