Yesterday a slew of lucky websites shared their findings from their Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set visits last spring. Picking through them, we were able to snag some interesting bits that give us a pretty good outline of the film’s plot. We thought it would be interesting to try to line them up below along with the stills from the trailers.


The film picks up just a few short months after the close of the last one, making it one of the few films that won’t be taking place in real time. From what we can gather, the Guardians have made quite a name for themselves in that time and are being sought after by a race of people called the Sovereign. We were introduced to their leader, the golden-skinned high priestess Ayesha, in the recent Super Bowl spot. “She’s a member of this race called the Sovereign, and they’re all genetically created by themselves as a self-sustaining race who are perfect,” said director James Gunn.They’re created in pods,” he continued, teasing fans who are longing for the introduction of Adam Warlock into the MCU.


According to Kevin Feige, the Guardians are there because they’ve been “asked to help with this giant, sort of inter-dimensional beast that comes out and eats their batteries, their power source, and wreaks havoc on their planet. And the Guardians have been asked to come in and dispatch with that thing, and that’s how our film starts.” The inter-dimensional beast, known as the Abilisk, has been front and center in the footage we’ve seen so far and it’s safe to assume from it that our heroes will dispatch of it fairly quickly (especially since Drax has been seen knifing its innards).



Given what we know about the team, it’s safe to say they didn’t come to the aide of the Sovereign solely from the goodness of their hearts. This team is about the payday and, in this scenario, that payday is a blue-skinned, cybernetic assassin who we last saw cut off her own hand to escape. The Guardians take on the Abilisk in return for taking custody of Nebula, who we can be sure won’t be too happy to see them. While they plan to turn her over to the Nova Corps, Nebula has other ideas.


While that plan seems to work out well, we know from Ayesha’s dialogue in the trailer that the Guardians will do something to piss her off. According to Feige, that something happens because Rocket gets sticky paws for the batteries. “They’re really expensive (the batteries) and they’re not going to notice and who cares,” thinks Rocket, adding, “the Sovereign are kind of dicks anyway.


This seems to kick off the movie’s second act which sees Quill’s old band of space pirates, The Ravagers, brought in by Ayesha to take the Guardians out. As Taserface takes control of the Ravagers, it seems he will team up with Nebula to help hunt down the Guardians.


We know from the first movie that The Ravagers believe their leader, Yondu, has a soft spot for Quill and we know from the words of Gunn that Yondu joins the Guardians in this film. It seems that those two points are connected as the mutinous Ravagers, led by Taserface (Chris Sullivan), kick Yondu to the curb and decide to go after Quill. At this point, the Guardians are separated into two teams: Yondu finds himself with Groot and Rocket while Star-Lord, Drax and Gamora end up elsewhere.



That elsewhere has everything to do with one of the first film’s loose threads: the father of Peter Quill. The trio of Guardians bump into Ego on a new planet called Berhert, which may or may not actually be Ego? It’s here they also meet the other, other, other new member of their team in Mantis, an enigmatic empath with as much of an outsider complex as the rest of the team. The memorable last seconds of the first trailer showed Mantis greeting the team to Berhert and now thanks to the set reports we know it will take place inside Ego’s ship. It turns out that Ego, who has been searching for Quill for quite some time, has also been searching out the Guardians of the Galaxy.


From here we can be sure that much of the action we’ve seen will ensue as the team is likely to ultimately get back together (hints can be taken from the two trailers that show some the team together in what look to be new environments. But for as much as we do know about the sequel, there’s plenty that is being kept from us. We still haven’t caught a glimpse of Ego in the trailers nor of Sylvester Stallone’s mystery character. The synopsis leads us to believe that the team will seek help from “fan-favorite characters from the classic comics” but outside of Mantis we haven’t seen any new classic characters.



The story, we’re told by Gunn, is about the team growing into their new roles as heroes while deciding where they fit into their “new family.” Not everyone is sure to love it and that, as much as anything, will drive the plot of the film. Peter will be faced with the father he never had while the one that he did have makes a decision that puts him in harm’s way. Rocket will continue to father Groot; Gamora will continue to (attempt to) mother Nebula. Drax will find his match in the innocent Mantis, but at what cost to both of them. It’s safe to assume that what is being held back is sure to wow us and that Gunn, as always, will have carefully seeded the film with enough Marvel fanboy Easter Eggs to keep us all looking deeply through repeated viewings.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will open in theaters May 5, 2017.

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