Time flies way too fast. It’s now August which means it’s officially the month of The Defenders for us at MCUExchange and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans in general. And guess, what? Marvel/Netflix has begun their promotional push for the anticipated team-up show beginning with last night’s New York premiere and these new images for the show. Check ’em out!

Let’s start with the poster. So far, the whole promotional campaign for The Defenders (the black and white posters, the alternative rock band shots of them sitting on a sidewalk) have been underwhelming for me. Granted, it’s a quirky unconventional approach to selling a superhero show (as opposed to the atrocities we’ve gotten) but it just feels too bare for my liking. It looks more like a Rolling Stone magazine spread than it does a proper series poster. Netflix’s poster game for the Marvel shows have usually been stellar – these posters for Daredevil Season 2 – so to see them scale down on their imagery is a wee bit disappointing.

As for the rest of the images, we dig ’em. That shot of Elektra in the armory is a moment that we saw in the trailer but it’s great seeing it from a different vantage point. Just goes to see how much ancient weaponry the Hand has in their arsenal. Another image that stuck out to me was that of Foggy and Karen. Like the Elektra image, we saw a similar moment play out in the trailer, albeit more dramatically. Seeing these two characters together after the dramatic changes they’ve gone through in Daredevil Season 2 makes me wonder how they both are in The Defenders. We know that Foggy’s current workspace is in the offices of Hogarth, Chao, and Benowitz (and Nelson perhaps?) but we really haven’t seen him actually work for them yet. And with the avocados broken up and Karen working for the New York Bulletin, how do these two end up in the same room again? In a room that looks like a police precinct nonetheless. So many questions, so little answers! Thank the Marvel gods The Defenders is just 2 weeks away!

What do you think of these images?

Source: Netflix