Breaking news! Deadline has just revealed three new series regulars cast in the season season of the highly acclaimed Punisher series on Netflix. According to them, Josh Stewart, Floriana Lima, and Giorgia Whigham have all been added to the already stellar cast of the Punisher and Marvel TV honcho Jeph Loeb and series showrunner Steve Lightfoot had nothing but praise to say about their inclusion:

Josh, Floriana and Giorgia are all remarkable talents and we can’t wait for the audience to see what we have in store for them in the second season of Marvel’s The Punisher – Loeb

We are incredibly excited to have Josh, Floriana and Giorgia joining the cast of Marvel’s The Punisher and seeing them bring their talents to the next chapter in the Frank Castle story. – Lightfoot

Josh Stewart is set to play one John Pilgrim, “a man whose calm exterior belies a ruthless interior. Despite having left behind a life of violence, circumstances will force him to use his old skills and bring him into Frank Castle’s world,” while Floriana Lima will play Krista Dumont, a smart, compassionate, and driven psychotherapist for military veterans. Whigham on the other hand, will be playing Amy Bendix, a street-smart grifter with a mysterious past. Readers who’ve been following the site may recall a casting breakdown from our boys at That Hashtag Show earlier this month. THS initially speculated that the roles at hand may be related to the iconic Punisher storyline “The Slavers,” and while that theory remains to be proven, THS pretty much got all the breakdowns accurate. And one interesting bit from the original breakdown listed an “honest detective” which we think could be the John Pilgrim character. If this ends up being the case, Frank may have to go up against more law enforcement this time around.

Source: Deadline