Following that dope promo video they just released, the good folks behind The Punisher marketing machine continue to bless with more vigilante goodies via this abundant batch of images featuring our best looks yet at the cast! Check it out Red!

There’s so much to go through so we’ll quickly sum these up. We have Frank hanging out in what seems to be one of his hidden armories (a staple in Punisher stories. Dude has a ton of them hidden in different cities) staring at a vest he just spray painted. You got two images featuring him hanging out with Karen that harkens back to those set photos we saw last year. We also have a good look at several of the show’s supporting cast, namely, a pre-Jigsaw Billy Russo, veterans Curtis Hoyle and Lewis Walcott, Homeland Security agents Dinah Madani and Sam Stein, and last but not least, a very Snowden-looking Micro. To top this batch of images off, they also included released a killer teaser poster for the show keeping coy on the premiere date.

We’re ready for that premiere date now.

Source: Bloody Disgusting