As we eagerly await the announcement of The Punisher premiere date, the team behind the show’s marketing campaign continues to tease us with hints surrounding the show’s plot. In a new promotional video, we’re given a glimpse at certain details about the show’s premise, specifically Frank’s beef with US government (aside from killing criminals, obvi). Check it out below!

The official Twitter and Facebook page also put out an updated logo and promotional banner for the show:

So the most noteworthy detail in that teaser is the revelation of an Operation: Cerberus and the tease that Frank Castle was the one who blew the whistle on it. We also see nods to Frank’s ally codenamed Micro and his time working in Kandahar. If you’ll remember, Frank’s villainous commanding officer, Black Smith, alluded to their time doing incredibly shady stuff in Kandahar. We’re guessing that Operation: Cerberus (a name of an existing German operation in WW2) refers to that particular mission. A previous teaser revealed the name of Billy Russo aka Jigsaw’s private military corporation, ANVIL, which we figure will tie in one way or another to Cerberus. The question right now is whether this whistle-blowing fiasco happened during Frank’s time in the war or way later in his life after he returned home to his family. Daredevil Season 2 made little reference to the severity of Frank’s whistle-blowing actions so we do wonder where it all fits.

Overall, we’re absolutely loving the teasers the show keeps putting out. They are so incredibly well made and edited. If the show ends up sharing the same vibe these short teasers are giving off then we are in for a totally unique show in the MCU!

Source: Twitter