We broke the story last week that filming for The Punisher was completed, followed by some set photos of Frank Castle getting ready to whoop some ass wearing his skull outfit. Well, we got something new to follow that up and it is a thing of beauty. Somewhere in the bowels of the internet, some person (whom we’ll credit as soon as we learn his/her identity) was cool enough to share a photo of the Joe Quesada-designed concept poster for The Punisher, a freebie they traditionally give away for cast and crew.

Done in the same vein of the Defenders poster we broke a few weeks ago, it features immediate supporting cast of the show, featuring friend and foe alike. Right below Frank is the frizzy-haired skinny MCU version of Micro. The bald evil-looking guy next to Micro is Rawlins, a corrupt CIA officer who I presume to be the show’s main villain (Rawlins played a huge part in Garth Ennis‘s defining Punisher run). Next to him is Lewis Walcott, a young veteran struggling with civilian life. Beside Karen Page (duh) is Dinah Madani, a Homeland Security agent on the heels of Frank Castle and next to her is the soon-to-be Ugliest Man in the MCU Billy Russo a.k.a. Jigsaw, played by Ben Barnes. The guy on the lower left is Curtis Hoyle, one of Frank’s closest confidants and next to him is Sam Stein, another Homeland Security agent working with Dinah Madani.

The most interesting part about this poster for me is the placement of Jigsaw among the cast. I originally thought that he was playing the Big Bad of the season but judging from the character layout, it looks like Rawlins will be the more significant villain in this story. Also noticeable is the lack of ugly in Barnes’ face. I’m now wondering if Jigsaw is in the story to primarily set up a future season and whether he’ll get messed up in a later episode instead of early in the show. Another super-villain origin story for him maybe?

What do you think of this poster? Share the sentiments with me about Billy Russo’s handsome face? Let us know in the comments below!