The funny thing about slow news days is that something interesting usually drops just when you think the news cycle couldn’t be any quieter. Just a few hours ago, I was complaining to the team how seemingly uninteresting the news week is going to be. Out of nowhere, they drop all thirteen The Punisher episode titles via cryptic morse code tweet. And to follow up on that, the official Punisher twitter account just released a very interesting promo video teasing the main cast of characters for the show. This news day just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

So some folks think this is the official title credits sequence for the show. While we think that’s not entirely the case, we can’t help but feel impressed at the actual quality of the promo. It looks absolutely fantastic and encapsulates the whole military/conspiracy thriller vibe the show is going for thanks to the blacked out redacted texts. Maybe they should use this as the template for the show’s title sequence! Stellar execution aside, there are some interesting things about the promo. For one thing, it gives us a first look at these characters and what their roles are in the season.

First, you got Ben Barnes‘ Billy Russo aka Jigsaw looking dapper in a suit pre-f’ed up face and an overlaid image of the US Army emblem because of his history with Frank in the war. Next up is our girl Karen Page. Behind, you can see a New York Bulletin press badge that seems to be redacted as well. Following Ms. Page, we see a portrait of Rawlins, the alleged villain of the ensemble and a CIA official connected to Frank’s time in the war. Then we have Dinah Madani, a homeland security agent after Frank the Tank. Also spotted in her portrait is the name Schoonhover, the name of a certin Blacksmith from Daredevil Season 2. After Madani is Micro, famed guy-in-the-chair for the Punisher. He looks like a rugged version of Snowden here which kind of makes sense given his NSA origin for the show. And last but not the least is dat boi Frank Castle rocking a military bowl cut. Yesterday, I got to see some clips from the show that featured a Punisher with a fully shaved head. I’m guessing those scenes I described take place before the season arc. And if you look look closely, a word you will see all over this teaser is ANVIL, the private military corporation owned by Billy Russo himself. It’s a no-brainer to think that some of ANVIL’s operations during the war will come into play in this story.

The promo ends with an annoyingly redacted release date. Last we heard, the show was going to premiere on the 14th of November. But because that’s a Tuesday and that Netflix usually premieres shows on a Friday, there’s a good chance it’ll be in one of the Fridays next to it. We’re hoping that the answer somewhere in this teaser, given how Netflix announced the Defenders premiere date with a teaser like this as well. Maybe some of our more sharp-eyed readers can spot it.

What did you think of the teaser? Let us know in the comments below!

Souce: Twitter

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