One of the main things I’m looking forward to The Punisher will be the show’s inevitable unapologetic view on the morality of vigilantism. Seeing Daredevil wrestle with the religious and legal ethics of taking a life is cool and all but it undoubtedly gets tiring once each show begins aping it just to fill the quota of being a good guy “hero”. Frank Castle gives no Fs about being a good guy. He has no compunctions about taking the necessary actions to get rid of the filth. He’s driven by the wrongs of the world and won’t stop even if it brings him within an inch of his life, as evidenced by the Daredevil Season 2 prison scene AND these new set photos featuring a mildly roughed up Jon Bernthal.

You know the drill with Getty folks. Can’t publish them without getting sued so we’ll just link to ’em instead.

There’s not much to notice about this photos except for the thicker head of hair Bernthal has and the mysterious passenger next to him. The bearded look of this inscrutable man leads me to believe that this is actually Frank’s BFF Micro, played by the scruffy Ebon Moss-Bachrach. That cut on Frank’s right temple is also pretty interesting, in that I’m curious to know who gives it to him. Jigsaw maybe? Also, why aren’t there any set pictures featuring Ben Barnes?! We need to see him ugly, Getty Images!

Source: Getty Images