It’s the last day of November in some parts of the world meaning the second season of Runaways is closer than ever to premiering. Ahead of the December 21 premiere, Hulu has just released a new trailer teasing more parental strife, teen angst, and ominous mysteries. Check it out!

I’m mixed on this trailer but excited for the season. Some parts of it look really great while it looks hella cheap in some parts. A lot of the sets look expensive and I’m excited to finally see their underground lair which according to Entertainment Weekly is the biggest set Marvel Television has ever built. That shot with Nico going full out with the Staff of One looks intense. We also get an explicit reveal of Topher, who may or may not be a vampire (I’m betting he is). Seems like we’re also getting another one of them “what’s in the pit?” stories. The Defenders botched that mystery horribly and I’m hoping Runaways doesn’t crash and burn the same way.

Source: EW