A few days ago, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe lost it when on-set photos of the Inhumans production surfaced on the internet. The images featured an unmasked Black Bolt standing in the streets of Oahu alongside a pre-cgi stand-in for Lockjaw, a giant teleporting dog. Fans were excited about the images because 1) it gave us a first good look at Anson Mount and his costume as Black Bolt and 2) it served as confirmation that the Lockjaw we’ll be getting for the miniseries will be indeed close to the comic. But being the curious fanboys we are, we decided to dig further and reached out to our good friend Reel News Hawaii about the scene at hand.


Reel News Hawaii describes the scene as sort of a grand entrance for Black Bolt to the public eye. He shows up in the street via Lockjaw’s teleportation, causing a taxi to crash. The driver gets out to confront this weirdo in a black outfit and commotion ensues with local Honolulu enforcement arriving. People start surrounding them and begin taking photos/videos with their phones. Black Bolt yanks a phone from one of the people’s hands and points it at them as if it were a weapon and then takes off running. We’re guessing that like Thor, Black Bolt has no idea what these contraptions being used by civilians are and assumes it’s a weapon. The crew then removes the stand-in for Lockjaw from the scene implying that Lockjaw teleports away from the scene.


The scene descriptions tell us two things: 1) that the scene at hand is actually set in Oahu and isn’t a stand-in for some place in Attilan and 2) Black Bolt chose to appear in front of all those people for a really big reason. Some people are speculating that it’s the old Inhumans story of Crystal running away from Attilan and going into hiding with the humans and that Black Bolt is there to pick her up. While the idea is sound, it’s usually Gorgon, Karnak or Medusa who does these things so who knows what Black Bolt is really up to. It could be the beginning of a huge third-act set piece or just Black Bolt looking to buy an Orange Mocha Frappucino.

In addition to this news, Reel News Hawaii just posted this on Twitter. No pictures sadly, but cool news nonetheless.

What do you guys think of Black Bolt making a ruckus in the middle of Oahu? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reel News Hawaii