The SDCC goodies just keep on coming! The good folks at the Marvel twitter page have kindly revealed a super dope Avengers: Infinity War concept poster to be given out to the lucky people at the convention floor. The poster features brilliant artwork by Marvel Studios head designer Ryan Meinerding as it brings together the Avengers (rogue and present ones) and the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time in an official image. Check it out!

What a glorious poster. You got Tony Stark front and center flanked by three aliens from the Guardians he probably never thought he’d encounter in his life. Behind them emitting that green ray of time-sunshine is the Bendelson Hucklhitch’s Doctor Strange, doing stuff Wong and Mordo advised him not to. And at the background, you’ve got Spidey wearing the new costume he so rejected at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming along with Hulk, Hawkeye, War Machine and Bucky (with his new starless possibly-vibranium arm!) contemplating the shitstorm they’re about to face.

If you’re at SDCC and manage to snag one of these, I hate you and feel free to send one to us!

Source: Marvel