It has been like Christmas for Marvel Netflix fans, this week. With The Defenders finally standing together, Sigourney Weaver joining the cast of The Defenders, an Iron Fist trailer, and The Punisher announcing that Deborah Ann Woll‘s Karen Page will be joining the cast, I’m still coming down off of a New York Comic Con buzz.

It appears that Jon Bernthal isn’t coming down, after NYCC. In fact, new set photos from The Punisher series show the bearded anti-hero on top of a building with another man.

We don’t know who the second person is, on the roof with Bernthal. It appears that Marvel hasn’t yet allowed the star to shave his beard, which he said in a Sunday panel of New York Comic Con that he (and his wife) hates. However, his character looks like he is in much better shape than in any appearance during Daredevil season one, with only the hint of some blood on his chest. A full fifteen minutes on screen without a black eye would be a record for the character!

For the moment, it looks like Frank Castle may have a peaceful moment of contemplation in his own series. What he’s contemplating, and his relationship with the other mysterious actor, may not be revealed until the series premieres, in its entirety, on Netflix sometime in 2017. Until then, do you think Castle’s keeping that guy from falling off the building or threatening to throw him off? Let us know, in the comments!

Source: Just Jared.