About a week ago, we posted the first set photos of David Tennant on set of Marvel’s next Netflix series, A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Today, courtesy of images from Daily Mail and a few Twitter users, we have an even better look at Tennant’s Purple Man.

SPOILER WARNING: The photos below contain possible spoilers. If you’d rather avoid spoilers for the show, you’ll want to stop reading now.

Eka Darville, who plays Malcolm in the series, can also be seen at the table with Tennant, while Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) isn’t anywhere to be found. I’m curious to see how this scene plays out in the show as I don’t recall a scene like this from Alias.

If you’re not familiar with Jessica Jones, be sure to head over here for a better understanding of the character as well as what you can expect from the show, which is set to debut later this year.

Sources: Daily Mail & Twitter.