One day after the first shots emerged of Brie Larson on the set of Captain Marvel, a new video and another round of pictures have emerged that give us some new looks at Carol Danvers in action.

The new video give us a little more than the very short, edited version that was making the rounds earlier today. The actor, who we believe to be Robert Kazinsky (Warcraft, Pacific Rim) interrupts Larson’s Danvers while she is examining a map of Los Angeles County. We also believe that Kazinsky has filled the less-than-glamorous role of “BIKER” in Captain Marvel. When looking to fill out the cast, Marvel Studios put out a call for a supporting male, 30-49, with a “smaller build” to be a “smug and in your face” type who “likes to mark his territory.” That description is very consistent with what the behavior of Kazinsky in this scene so while a lot of people are hoping he’s a Skrull, it turns out he’s just a dick. Additionally, his dress appears to be biker-esque and, if you look closely, you can see his red bike in the video and in the last picture above.

As you can see in the video, Danvers appears to introduce herself to the biker before putting him to his knees with her kung-fu grip. While we don’t have a scene description, it sure seems like this is going to take place in the 90s after Carol returns from space. With the January filming wrapped, we’ll have to wait until March for more set pics, but we’re happy with what we’ve seen for now and are really looking forward to seeing what Marvel Studios has in store for Captain Marvel, due in theaters March 6, 2019!

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