All may be quiet in the world of the MCU but this tiny detail from the production from Shang-Chi may get a few fans talking again. In a set video that was taken way before all these COVID-19 issues started happening, a fan was able to get a snap of star Simu Liu and Awkwafina filming a scene. The scene itself may seem boring at first but a look closely at one of the background props may indicate when this film is taking place. Check it out below!

Now, that 2020 graffiti could very well have nothing to do with the set, as the person who filmed it pointed out in the comments. But professional set design tends to be more meticulous than one might think, especially for a movie as huge as this. Save for the Game of Thrones Starbucks cup, there’s rhyme and reason to even the tiniest details in set decoration, even if the decorations don’t end up on camera. There’s a lot of Chinese graffiti and signs on the set that aren’t even covered in this crane shot.

Shang-Chi taking place in 2020 could make for some huge implications for the Phase 4 timeline. For one, it’ll be the first MCU film so far take place in the 5-year gap between Thanos’ snap and his defeat at the hands of the Avengers in 2023. With 50% of the world snapped away, we could finally get to see what that world is like on the ground level. Avengers: Endgame sort of teased the kind of criminal unrest the Snapture causes with the Ronin scenes. The Mandarin rising to power during this global shift makes a lot of sense.

Source: Twitter