Fans of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are going through withdrawal right now, as the show is on a mini-hiatus until April. But we have a little fix for you. The crew is hard at work filming the last seven episodes which will be part of a pod called “Agents of Hydra.” Recently social media accounts have posted some new shots of what appears to be a major set piece for an upcoming episode (see the embedded post below). Overall, they show that the production design is working hard on great details.

The most obvious feature is that Hydra logos are everywhere. This is an interesting touch, hinted at by the shot of the Triskelion in the last episode because it shows that Hydra has become mainstream. Whenever the group has featured before in the MCU, save for in Nazi Germany, the group was clandestine. No one wears a Hydra logo on their shirt, they whisper “Hail Hydra” in someone’s ear. Even S.H.I.E.L.D. hasn’t been able to operate so publicly since the events of Captain America: Winter Soldier. All of the decals and signs show a lot of care that the world is immersive for audiences.

The pictures also include a couple pictures of Daisy and Ward together. For some fans, this image is likely to turn their stomachs, while others will be happy to see the reunification. Certainly, for Daisy as a character, this will be a difficult mission. Her feelings toward Ward are all wrapped up in his betrayal and then the experience of her chemical dependence on Hive, appearing as Ward. The tension of her being able to hold it together for the sake of the journey, while also processing deep-held emotion, will be a focus of her character’s arc in the coming episodes.

Finally, notice that one of the posters mentions the need to report Inhumans to Hydra. This suggests that Hydra is a heavily anti-Inhuman organization. Such a development doesn’t necessarily make sense. Remember that the religious/cult line of Hydra was all about bringing the father of Inhumans, Hive, to earth so he could build an Inhuman army. It would seem that Malick’s branch of Hydra is not the dominant one in this alternate reality. Also, much of the Inhumans storyline has been based around Coulson’s near-death experience, an experience he wouldn’t have if he never joined S.H.I.E.L.D. As such, the discovery of Inhumans is not guaranteed in this alternate world, but apparently changing various events was not enough to keep Inhumans under wrap in the Framework reality.

Are you excited for this next bit of episodes on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Do you like seeing Brett Dalton and Chole Bennett on screen together again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.