We’re so close, guys! In a matter of days, Spider-Man: Homecoming finally swings into theaters, and we couldn’t be more excited. According to nearly every review we’ve seen, we need to brace ourselves for one of, if not the best, Spider-Man films to date. Several reviews have also praised Michael Keaton‘s performance as the Vulture, which hopefully marks the end of Marvel’s streak of somewhat lackluster villains. Thanks to a new featurette released by Sony on YouTube, we get another look into the character prior to the release of the film. Now, I know that many people have been desperately trying to avoid spoilers this close to the film’s premiere, so if you’re trying to avoid spoilers or any kind, this is your warning. This featurette mostly uses footage we’ve seen in previous trailers, but there is one blink and you’ll miss it detail we haven’t seen before that we think is pretty cool, so run for your life if you’re trying to remain totally spoiler-free. Don’t worry, it won’t offend us (much).

Still with us? Sweet, check it out below!

So again, we’ve seen most of this footage before, and the interview bits with Keaton don’t really tell us anything we haven’t heard before, but there are a couple of cool little Easter Eggs in here, and one that we think is particularly worth noting. We’ll get the little stuff out of the way first. So we’ve known since before the first trailer dropped way back in December that the Vulture and his crew will be salvaging alien technology from other MCU films in order to weaponize them, and we get a good look at a few pieces in this featurette. First off, we see a shot of Toomes holding a Chitauri gun from the Battle of New York in The Avengers at the 0:32 mark. Then, at 0:41, we get a really good, however brief, look at the Shocker’s gauntlet, which was modified from Crossbones’ gauntlets from the first scenes of Captain America: Civil War. We’ve already seen both of these in previous footage, but we get our first look at what appears to be an adapted Dark Elf weapon from Thor: the Dark World at the 0:51 second mark. So that’s all we get as far as the weapons for the most part, but that’s not where it gets interesting.

If you look at the 0:17 and 1:17 marks, you can see the Iron Man Mark 42 armor in the background of what appears to be a plane loaded with Avengers technology. We’ve seen Toomes throwing away an Iron Man helmet in a previous trailer, but that helmet is in one of the crates that is sitting in front of the full suit of armor. What’s interesting to note is that the Mark 42 is destroyed in the final battle against Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3, and since he transitioned straight to the Mark 43 suit seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron, this looks like a continuity error if it remains unexplained in the film. There’s really no good reason for Tony to rebuild any of his suits unless he’s just doing for nostalgia, which seems unlikely. In his own words, he’s been called many things, but nostalgic isn’t one of them. The only thing we can think of is that this is a reassembled Mark 42 being sent off into storage. The suit is pretty beat up, so it’s possible that Damage Control was sent in after the final battle with Killian to collect and reassemble all of the parts from the destroyed Iron Man suits that weren’t totally obliterated during the Clean Slate Protocol. Either way, hopefully we’ll get some sort of explanation that doesn’t break continuity within the MCU.

Have any theories for why the Mark 42 has been rebuilt? Let’s talk in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters this week on July 7th!