As we gear for the finale of the current MCU that is Avengers: Endgame, its horizon gets brighter as we learn and see more from the cinematic universe’s upcoming slate. Right out of the gate, Spider-Man: Far From Home is slated to give us the first look at the MCU after the events of Endgame.`While we haven’t seen or heard of it apart from last January’s trailer, we now have the first posters for the film courtesy of spoiler-lord Tom Holland himself.

These three posters are reminiscent of the ones they put out for its predecessor Spider-Man: Homecoming, placing Spidey in key locations found in the film. The posters also give us a good look at his updated main suit, with the iconic blue now turned black. Count me in as one of those initially hesitant to see this change of color but man, it looks pretty great rendered on a poster.

Source: Instagram