As people continue to grow antsier for the highly-awaited second Avengers: Infinity War trailer, the folks at Total Film are doing the Lord’s work satiating Infinity War fans with a new image from their latest issue. The image features this latest iteration of Team Cap – which should be considered Team Wakanda at this point – as they await the invasion of Thanos’ outriders. Check it out!

It’s great seeing the team back together after all that squabble in Captain America: Civil War. Widow looks badass as always with her ever-changing hairstyles and Bucky looks as dreamy as ever with his new vibranium arm and flowing hair. His new suit somewhat resembles the iconic costume he had back in the day. Team Cap aside, it’s truly exciting to see a lot of familiar faces in Black Panther’s army. Several members from T’Challa’s Dora Milaje can be seen here alongside W’kabi’s band of border protectors with their cool ass shields. We can’t wait to see this ensemble in action!

Source: Total Film