It’s officially the ‘Ber’ months of the year – a term we use in our country to refer to the last few months – meaning an Avengers: Infinity War trailer can be expected sometime in the next couple of months (we’re betting October). And ahead of that trailer, a sticker merchandising website by name Savvi recently put up an announcement teasing some incoming Infinity War art. Along with that announcement came promo artwork featuring the Mad Titan and his stripped down look for the much-anticipated team up film.

First unveiled in last July’s D23, this latest iteration Thanos has given up his use of the iconic armor he’s been known to wear in favor that yellow glove in his right hand (he’s been depicted as having a left glove in all art so this might be a conceptual error or a reversed image). If some of you may remember, director Joe Russo revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that because Thanos has the most powerful relic in all of existence, he no longer finds the need to use the armor “the same way he did when he was a warlord” There’s symbolism behind this character choice and a terrifying one at that. I personally love this stripped down look for the Mad Titan. All the Avengers and Guardians will be suiting up to the best of their capabilities while this purple chump suits down is a fun dichotomy of how dire things are for the MCU.

Do you guys dig this casual look for Thanos? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Savii